Bring in a revolution in the video-conferencing market with the avant-garde Zoom Clone

Video conferencing has now become an essential part of businesses in this 21st century. It provides communication at a whole new level by letting users have visual contact with their co-workers and clients from anywhere at any time. Apart from this, they are saving money and are reducing the impact on the environment in some significant ways. Many businesses, as a go-to mode of communication, have adopted video conferencing apps like Zoom with all the benefits it offers.

If you are intrigued by the benefits, keep reading to know them in detail.

At first, video conferencing was just used to reduce travel expenses. But now, the scope of benefits is skyrocketing. Many businesses find it easier to work together, which is because of the increasing knowledge of collaboration. The promises that come with the video conferencing are:

1. Improved collaboration

2. Efficient meetings

3. Satisfaction of employees

4. Better relationships between businesses

One key point around which the video conferencing benefits revolve around is when people can see and interact with people they are working with, they move towards their goal faster.

Increasing demand of video conferencing

The increase of video conferencing demand is broadly available now. It had become essential as a strategy of collaboration for many companies. The video conferencing system ranges from basic desktop settings to sophisticated telepresence. It is all possible because of the lower costs and reliable prices.

The new technology of video conferencing has given streamlined and improved usability. In a survey, 95% of the users have said that the reliability of video conferencing has increased, and 92% of them have said that they find it easier to use.

Proven perks of video conferencing

The primary perks of video conferencing are its convenient usage and demand/cost trends. The term collaboration has been changed by video conferencing. Yes, before, these employees have talked with each other, but now it is different. So, here are some perks of video conferencing as proven by research:

1. Moving a company towards its goal more effectively.

2. Cultivating creativity and skills

3. Blending strengths, perspectives, and strengths

4. Building a sense of purpose

5. Enriching the development of employees

6. Encouraging participation equally

7. Delivering faster solutions to problems

8. Increasing innovations

9. Increasing retention of employees

10. Improving work efficiency

11. Encouraging partnership

According to analysts, the increased demand for video conferencing is because of two additional factors: remote workers and the millennials. Since they both succeed when offered with tools that can be feature-rich and easily usable, the deployments and usage of video conferencing have improved hugely.

It can be proven by the statistics below!

Video conferencing has grown by 87% between the years 2013 and 2015. And when surveyed, over 71% of companies had added video conferencing rooms in those two years. The predictions showed that video conferencing growth would be 4.1% between 2014 and 2021. Still, because of the unprecedented pandemic, the industry saw a paradigm shift because of Zoom, which saw a jump of 300% in just a single year, 2020.

Many entrepreneurs can jump into developing the Zoom Clone app to get themselves a ground in this high-demanding market.

Now let’s take a look at the aspects that caused a skyrocketing success in the video conferencing market

The main advantage, as we saw, is the reduced travel costs. But the benefits are far-reaching than this. One huge benefit is the decreased amount of time wastage in meetings.

According to a survey conducted with 4,700 users, the top benefits they mentioned were these.

94% of users say that it has increased the productivity and efficiency

88% say that there is an increase in discussion impact

87% say that decision-making has turned faster

87% are benefited because of reduced travel.

Reduced expenses

The costs of traveling are always a sore spot for many people. But with video conferencing solutions, costs like employee transportation and expenses for meals and rooms can be easily eliminated—there is no need for customer entertainment expenses.

Increased productivity

Video conferencing can be the best way to increase productivity since people can connect with their partners and customers more efficiently without moving from their confined spaces. The travel requirements are reduced so much.

Apart from that, video conferencing can reduce misunderstandings that can be caused by phone calls and emails. People can look at the body language, and facial expressions and can deliver a complete message. The participants are more likely to clarify information.

Optimized efficiency

A higher level of efficiency is possible with visual cues, which is impossible with audio calls. With unseen phone calls, participants tend to use their smartphones or laptops. But with video conferencing, remote call-ins, and time constraints will be more helpful in having focused discussions/ sessions with less chatter.

Improved employee satisfaction

Happy employees are healthy employees. Both of which can be achieved by video conferencing. Traveling frequently can take a physical and emotional toll, resulting in frustration and stress. But with video calls/conferences, there would be a more incredible job and health satisfaction—both of these resulting in job satisfaction and more excellent health, which in turn boosts productivity and performance.

Video conferencing supports a more excellent work-life balance.

Improved communication

With body language, voice tone stringed with human communication is complex. Though phone calls reveal the tone of voice, they leave out facial expressions and body language. These are crucial for understanding completely.

Video communication results in effective collaboration. The key to successful working relationships is personal connection and understanding. Both of which can be achieved with video communication.


As we saw, the market growth is far-reaching than the predicted success; if you are looking for a successful business idea to deploy in this video-conferencing industry, then go for Zoom Clone scripts. Get your wagon ready right now!

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